Different Kinds of Decorative Panels & Why Your Cabinets Need Them

As a homeowner, it may be a little tough to figure out what kinds of cabinets you are looking for. Typically, different cabinets serve their own purposes around the home. Most still want their cabinets to match or have a cohesive look.

Decorative panels add a certain aesthetic quality to cabinets and the space that they exist within. However, there are a variety of other cabinet panels with the purpose of adding finishing touches to any cabinet ends as well!

Not to worry though, because your cabinet supplier in Mission is here to help guide you with a few friendly suggestions.

Decorative Onlay Panels

Decorative panels come in many shapes and sizes. The primary purpose of decorative panels is to improve the aesthetic quality of your cabinets. If your cabinet doors are too plain and flat, decorative panels can help you achieve a custom and more refined look.

One type of simple panel that you can use is decorative onlay panels. These panels are easy to apply to your cabinet as they can be glued and finished to match your current cabinet’s color and look. However, you can also choose any other color to add a special accent to your cabinets.

Beadboard Cabinet Panels

Beadboard cabinet panels are another kind of decorative panel that you may add to your cabinet doors or sides. These panels are created using a flat MDF panel and cutting beads, or vertical lines, every couple of inches. This creates the illusion of a few vertical boards standing together, side by side, to create the cabinet door or cabinet side.

At times, beadboard cabinet panels may be used within cabinet interiors. They are primed and finished according to your liking or to match the rest of the cabinet.

Finished End Panels

Finished end panels, also known as cap end panels, are used to cover up any unfinished or exposed cabinet sides. End panels typically match the stain or color of the cabinets.

These types of panels will give your cabinets a more uniform and finished design, evening out any spots where cabinets were exposed. End panels also provide homeowners an affordable option to finish their cabinets.

Your Mission Cabinet Materials Supplier Is Here To Help!

Being a homeowner gives you the opportunity to design your dream home as you wish! When it comes to cabinets, Electi Cabinet Supply has you covered.

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We create our cabinet panels with our premium MDF panels and cut them using our state-of-the-art technology! Regardless if you would like cabinet panels for decorative or finishing purposes, we can help you find the right ones for all your cabinet needs!

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