What Are Antimicrobial Finishes and How Do They Work?

Electi Cabinet Supply is your local cabinet materials and accessories supplier in Mission, Texas, and the greater Rio Grande Valley. We supply our customers with the highest quality medium density fibreboards (MDF) and hardware, including MDF with antimicrobial finishes. 

Antimicrobial finishes for our cabinets are essential today, primarily because of the COVID-19 pandemic. They help keep harmful bacteria at bay and are especially useful to keep your business and clientele safe!


What Antimicrobial Finishes Do

Antimicrobial refers to agents on our MDF to keep bacteria, microbes, and other pathogens, such as salmonella and E. Coli, from growing on surfaces. The FDA-approved antimicrobial coatings used on our cabinets usually kill about 99.9% of these microorganisms on contact.

Antimicrobial finishes may be added to our cabinet supplies and hardware via a clear coat using heat. Essentially these clear coats offer a layer of protection that kills germs.

Naturally, metals also have antimicrobial properties. We keep materials and hardware made of or containing metal surfaces, which include but are not limited to:

  • Silver
  • Stainless steel
  • Copper
  • Copper alloys, such as brass or bronze


Clients We Serve That May Use Anti-Microbial Cabinets

Electi Cabinet Supply recommends utilizing our cabinet materials in Mission with anti-microbial materials for clients, contractors, and builders, especially when creating:

  • Commercial and Restaurant Kitchens: If you have a restaurant business, you may want to utilize antimicrobial surfaces for your commercial kitchens. Most times, these kitchens use a lot of stainless steel surfaces, which prevent bacteria and other pathogens from contaminating plates of food. Your cabinet supplier in Mission recommends antimicrobial finishes for chefs, caterers, or bakers
  • Scientific and Research Lab Environments: Antimicrobial surfaces are found in medical, scientific, and research laboratories. Infectious microbes are constantly handled throughout these lab environments and can be exposed in splashes and spills. Anyone that works in the scientific and medical fields looking to begin their very own office spaces, such as doctors, scientists, and lab researchers, should utilize antimicrobial finishes.
  • Food-Testing Facilities & Labs: Food testing environments and food testing labs will significantly benefit from antimicrobial finishes. They will help prevent contamination of harmful pathogens during the testing and manufacturing of edible products. Food testers and food science technicians should highly consider antimicrobial finishes for their businesses.
Today, we recommend utilizing our antimicrobial, medical-grade, and food-grade finishes on your cabinet materials and supplies to keep harmful pathogens at bay. Protect your business! #antimicrobial #cabinetsupplies Click To Tweet

Your Cabinet Materials Supplier in Mission Cares About Your Health!

Although we are in a post-pandemic hump, our cabinet supplier in Mission is well aware of the dangers that COVID-19 still poses to our community. 

As such, we would like to stress the importance of utilizing antimicrobial finishes for all our cabinet supplies in Mission and the Rio Grande Valley. Keep any harmful pathogens and bacteria from affecting your business!


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